Who we are

We are the first Italian brand of glasses with stores throughout the country.

Beautiful, good and well manufactured: tinted glasses, with stylish design and environmentally friendly.

We design and manufacture limited edition glasses to offer you an always new and unique style, just like you.

Every 2 weeks we propose new glasses collections, to make you have the pleasure of choosing always new, different and modern glasses.

We like beautiful things, tinted and well manufactured glasses. We also like common sense, because we know that money does not grow on trees.

We love the environment, we protect it and we respect it, getting rid of the surplus and recycling what can be recycled. More common sense in doing things, more respect for the environment and fewer costs for everyone.

Our glasses wonderfully represent the Italian taste, fashion and design, together with passion and creativity.

Every day our designers create glasses that look nice and comfortable to wear.

Every moment of the day we are at your disposal for a eye test.

A free eye test carried out with a smile.

We believe in the protection of your eyes and every day we offer you Prezzo Zero®. It is a collection of frames that you do not pay if you have the Ophthalmologist prescription.

We are always at your disposal for an eye test.

A free eye test carried out with a smile.

Money-back guarantee if not satisfied, or better still if not very satisfied. If you are not satisfied, either you will get glasses frees or you will be given your money back. For three months, no excuses!

Your satisfaction is our pride. If you liked us, say it loud and make it known by word of mouth.

Thank you!


UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality certification – UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental certification



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