Come when you want: our opticians and optometrists are at your disposal for a free eye test!
The eye test is a professional and technical activity used for checking the visual optical aspects. It is carried out by our opticians and optometrists with suitable instruments.
Our eye test does not include the medical evaluation of your eye health, which must be carried out by an eye care professional. The cobbler should stick to his last!

Technical assistance


Every 3 months bring your glasses to one of our stores for free technical assistance. We will:
• carry out an ultrasonic cleaning of your glasses
• check the screw and if necessary we will replace them
• check the correct balance of the glasses
• check the anti-reflective coating
All these operations will be carried out free of charge and with pleasure, even if you did not buy your glasses in one of our stores. This is the service NAU! offers.


How to choose your frame

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the glasses that best suit the shape of your face.
Remember that these are just suggestions!
See also the size of the glasses.

Heart-shaped facesHeart-shaped faces

FEATURES: broad forehead, cheekbones and broad chin.
If your face reminds of a heart, the glasses can give balance between the upper and the lower part. The most suitable frames are rather curbed in the upper part and squared in the lower part.

Square faceSQUARE FACE

FEATURES: broad forehead, broad chin and cheeks.
If your face has these features, the glasses can soften your features and round your face. The frames we recommend are wide, with round or oval lines. In any case, they have to be wider than your face to make it look thinner.

Oval faceOVAL FACE

FEATURES: balance between the upper and the lower part, with a length/width ratio of about 1.5.
The harmonious shape of your face allows you to wear any type of glasses. Let the strangest and most original frames tempt you.

long and narrow faceLONG AND NARROW FACE

FEATURES: long and narrow face with broad chin.
If your face has these features, the ideal frames are the ones with a butterfly shape, the round and oval ones that soften your features framing it by adding width.

Round faceROUND FACE

FEATURES: with a broad forehead and a rounded chin, you have a full face without corners.
To slim down your face making it look thinner we suggest buying glasses larger than your face. The Aviator frame is optimum, too.
Glasses sizes

All glasses have precise sizes suiting them to each face. According to an international convention, each pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can have 3 sizes in millimetres, i.e. : LENS WIDTH, BRIDGE, TEMPLES.
These three sizes are printed on the inside of the temples or in the bridge of the glasses (if you do not see them, use a magnifying glass) in the following order: LENS WIDTH BRIDGE TEMPLES.
Example: 52-18-140 means lens width 52mm, bridge 18mm, temples 140mm.

To facilitate the explanation of these three sizes, see this drawing::

Misure occhiali NAU!

Indicates the maximum diameter of each lens, so you can understand how wide each lens is.
This first parameter helps you understand the size of the glasses compared with the size of your face

Indicates the distance between the two lenses, i.e. the size of the glasses area that will rest on your nose. This is an important parameter because you can immediately realize if the glasses are tight on your nasal septum (glasses that are tight on the nose are really little comfortable to wear). We suggest measuring the upper part of your nose where the glasses usually rest using a soft tape measure. Then compare it with the bridge value.

Indicates the total width of the temples (generally called arms). This parameter helps you understand the size of the glasses compared with the size of your face. It refers to the distance between the rear part of the ears (where the glasses rest) and the imaginary horizontal line parallel to your nose. Unless the temple size is very little (lower than 120/125 mm), we remind you that the temples can be adapted by a qualified operator, bending them gently.

The simplest way to obtain the right size of your frame is to know the size of comfortable glasses you already have and compare it with the glasses you are going to buy. The size must be as close as possible to the size of your old comfortable glasses. This increases the possibility of adapting the glasses to your face. Just pay attention to compare size of glasses made with the same material: plastic or metal.

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