Acetate, the most commonly used material in eyewear production, starts with the natural cotton boll. Harvested and dried, the cotton bolls are processed to obtain a malleable mixture. The mixture is coloured and transformed into fine sheets. These sheets are milled to create the frames and the temples. Later, we reinforce the temples by inserting a steel strut.

Finally, we assemble the frames and temples. The glasses are ready. Punctuated by careful quality controls, our eyewear is manufactured using hi-tech processes together with the hands-on expertise from master artisans in the art of eyewear. An art of Italian craftsmanship that began after 1850 in Castiglione Olona, where NAU! has its headquarters today.

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In these lines we try to capture the essence that drove us to set up NAU! It contains our aspirations, our promises and our dreams.


We are eyewear artisans. We are the heirs of the ancient art of Italian eyewear production and passionate pioneers of its future.
We make glasses and everything else needed so that every pair of glasses is tailored to its owner.


We specialise in beautiful, well-fitted eyewear. Colourful eyewear, comfortable eyewear, eyewear that tells joyful stories and that is never boring.


We make new Limited Edition collections every two weeks. To bring you unique glasses, unique like the faces that will wear them.


Our design is simple and decisive. It’s true Italian style. A style to enhance the features of the glasses’ wearer and with a guaranteed fit that is always comfortable. We call it intelligent design: eyewear that is beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.


Our opticians and optometrists are technically highly-skilled and caring people.
With the support of hi-tech instruments they work with great dedication for the healthy eyesight of those who choose us.


Our glasses have easy pricing, this means: simple to understand and easy to pay. Without any compromise on quality.


Economic, social and environmental sustainability are the key factors in our actions every day. Each year 10% of our profit is re-invested in worthwhile social and environmental projects.

NAU! eyewear, wear it with joy

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