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Terms and Conditions NAU!CARD



NAU S.p.A. with registered office in Via S. e P. Mazzucchelli, 7 – Castiglione Olona (VA) – VAT reg. no. 02836320123.


PRAGMATICA PLUS s.r.l. with registered office in Palazzo MIRANA - Piazzetta del Sass, 8 - 38122 Trento (TN) – VAT reg. no. and Tax ID code 02471610226 –


Promotional initiative exempt from the regulation on events and prizes (Presidential Decree 430/2001 Art. 6 (c/bis).




The initiative will take place in the following periods:


- Accumulation of points from 5 November 2020 to 4 November 2021

- Request for Discount voucher by 5 November 2021.


Throughout Italy.


The initiative applies to all NAU! stores and franchising stores in Italy, and the website


Clients in possession of a “NAU!CARD” who have activated their card at one of the NAU! stores participating in the initiative.


The NAU!CARD is an electronic card used exclusively for building customer loyalty.


The NAU!CARD may be requested - either as a physical card or digitally - free of charge at all the NAU! stores belonging to the NAU!CARD circuit.

The NAU!CARD is transferable.







The points accumulated on a NAU!CARD cannot be assigned and transferred to another NAU!CARD. In the case of loss, a new NAU!CARD will be issued with the same number.

The Promoting Company is authorised at any time to verify the identity and ownership of the Card holders by requesting a personal document. It may also request cards to be returned or disactivate them in the case of improper use.

The advantages provided by the NAU!CARD may not be accumulated with other ongoing initiatives, except those envisaged in this document of terms and conditions.


To participate in this initiative, the NAU!CARD must be activated on the website

In the promotional period indicated under “DURATION”, Clients who possess a NAU!CARD (already activated) will automatically receive one electronic point on their card for each full Euro spent.

The points will be given only for the amount actually paid, net of any vouchers, discounts, and the amount for products purchased during promotional periods and/or sales.

It will not be possible to ask for points to be credited to the card after the till receipt has been issued.

Any returns of goods made by “NAU!CARD” holders will lead to a reduction of the points given at the moment of purchase.

By using the electronic points on their NAU!CARD, the Holder may ask to receive one or more Discount Vouchers, in the form of an alphanumeric code, in line with the scale shown in detail in the table under the paragraph “DESCRIPTION OF DISCOUNT VOUCHER”.

The Discount Voucher may be used for purchases made in NAU! stores and on

During the period of validity of the programme, the Promotor reserves the right to assign a greater number of points in the case of specific activities, even with a limited duration, or for the purchase of certain categories of products and/or services, and to include further categories of products and/or services in the promotion.

The Promoting Company also reserves the right to assign any discounts or other benefits to the participants. The recipients will be informed of such opportunities via appropriate notifications.

The above more favourable conditions will be applied equally to all participants, and the recipients will be notified using the mode of communication used for the main initiative, mainly through printed information material in the stores participating in the initiative and on the website


Holders of a “NAU!CARD” may request the Discount Voucher at any time, providing they have the required number of points on their card.







The Discount Voucher is in an exclusively digital format, in other words with a unique alphanumeric code, which will be visible on the voucher sent by e-mail to the Holders of “NAU!CARD” immediately at the time of request. It will also be made available in the section dedicated to the “NAU!CARD” initiative on the website

The scale of points that entitles the holder to request Vouchers is shown in the table below:








With 200 points


1 Discount Voucher worth €5.00


With 300 points


1 Discount Voucher worth €10.00


With 400 points


1 Discount Voucher worth €15.00


With 500 points


1 Discount Voucher worth €20.00


With 1,000 points


1 Discount Voucher worth €50.00


The Discount Voucher may be used once only for purchases of an amount exceeding the value of the Discount Voucher and may be requested no later than the date indicated under “DURATION”. The Voucher will be valid for 30 days from the date of activation.


To receive the discount, simply present the Discount Voucher received by email or a printout of the voucher at the cash desk of NAU! stores and on the website


The Discount Voucher entitles the holder to a discount equal to its face value and can be used for a subsequent purchase of any product on sale in the NAU! stores participating in the initiative and on the website The Discount Voucher includes the purchase price plus the applicable VAT.


Upon expiry of the programme indicated under “DURATION”, all points accumulated following any purchase will be cancelled, unless otherwise indicated by NAU!, and will not in any case give right to refunds in cash or other forms.


The Discount Vouchers may not be substituted, are not divisible, may not be converted into cash, may not be sold, do not give the right to a refund, may not be accumulated with other discount vouchers, may not be accumulated with other discounts (except in special cases based on a specific notification from the Promoting Company, ongoing offers and special agreements undertaken by the Promoting Company or by third parties).

By way of mere example, anyone wishing to use their Discount Voucher to purchase a sale item will lose the right to benefit from the discount applied to the sale item, the discount will be applied exclusively to products in the shopping basket that are not on sale.


In the event of returns, the Discount Voucher is not reimbursable, and the reimbursement will only be granted for the part actually paid by the Customer; the Discount Voucher may not be used for a subsequent purchase.







Discount Vouchers must be used within 30 days of the date on which they are activated / requested, and in any case no later than the dated indicated under “DURATION”; once they have expired, the Vouchers will cease to be valid and it will not be possible to use them for the current or future sales initiatives.


By participating in this initiative, you accept unconditionally and in full the rules and clauses contained in this document, without any limitations or reserves whatsoever.


During the period of the NAU!CARD initiative, the promoting company may check the points accumulated, and if any incidents or anomalous or fraudulent behaviour is detected, it may decide the annul participation in the “NAU!CARD” loyalty programme.


Consumers also have the right to check the card statement and the points balance at any time by connecting to the website It will be possible to see the points balance on the website 24 hours after the purchase date to give the system the time to update.

The promoting Company declines any responsibility for access problems, blocks, malfunctions or difficulties concerning technical instruments, computers, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, or the phone line that might prevent a Customer from accessing the website.


The Promoting Company, with the explicit consent of the participants, reserves the right (provided for by the regulations of the NAU!CARD), to send the points balance and other notifications concerning promotional activities, by e-mail or SMS.


The initiative will be announced on the website The message will be coherent with these regulations.

The official version of these regulations will be kept by PRAGMATICA PLUS S.r.l. with registered office in Palazzo MIRANA - Piazzetta del Sass, 8 - 38122 Trento (TN)  as the representative delegated by the Promotor to conserve at its offices all the documentation relating to this initiative.

A certified copy will be deposited at the Promotor’s offices while an identical copy will be available for the entire duration of the initiative in the stores participating in this initiative, identifiable from the publicity material on display, on the website and on the website

Consumers will be notified in advance of any modifications to these regulations that affect the rights acquired by the participants, during the period of the initiative, in the same manner used for publicising this document.


Such modifications and/or supplements will not, in any case, injure the rights acquired by the participants in the initiative.


Anyone who has already adhered to the NAU!CARD Programme and NAU!CARD holders are considered members of the Customer Loyalty Programme and benefit, among other things, from the loyalty activity “5 November 2019 to 4 November 2020” from the date of their subscription, until they request of their own accord to be cancelled from the programme, by sending an e-mail to  or by sending a registered letter with return receipt to Nau S.p.A., via S. e P. Mazzucchelli 7, 21043 – Castiglione Olona (VA), specifying on the envelope: “Cancellation from Customer Loyalty Programme”.


It is possible to withdraw from the programme at any time, with immediate effect and fully gratuitously for the Customer. After withdrawal, the NAU!CARD can no longer be used to obtain Discount Vouchers.


At the time of cancellation from the NAU!CARD Programme, any residual points or, if the Customer has not requested any discount, the relative points accumulated, will be lost.


The data collected on the occasion of this initiative will be processed within the meaning of European Regulation no. 679/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation) in the terms indicated in the privacy notice signed at the time of activating the NAU!CARD.


Within the meaning of the above legislation, participants have the right to access said data, ask them to be modified or deleted, or object to use thereof, by contacting the Promotor in writing at the registered office indicated above.


The complete privacy statement can be found at the following link: